About Us

                Phoenix Computers formed in 2012 with the idea that operating a computer should not have to be as expensive as some of the larger hobby stores and electronics stores were making them out to be. To introduce consumers to methods that would help extend the life of their computers while keeping costs low. Phoenix Computers originally focused its efforts on providing various distributions of Linux to those consumers who were unable to download and or burn the disc images for themselves.

                After selling and distributing various open source operating systems for two years,Phoenix Computers incorporated as a limited liability company in 2014. It was at that time that Phoenix Computers decided it would expand its product offering to include various computer and laptop components as well as tablets and other related accessories. By expanding its product offering and listening to the feedback of customers, Phoenix Computers found that it was also highly efficient at fulfilling orders with many being shipped within 24 hours of placement.

                This is another area that Phoenix Computers places its pride as all products are kept in-house rather than being shipped from a third-party’s warehouse or drop-shipped.What this ultimately means for consumers is that there is less time spent waiting for an item to be shipped and delivered.